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This wine is medium-bodied , soft, pale gold color and which falls within the group of wines called " syrupy sweet " . Aromatic and mellow, it is an ideal complement for snacks and suitable for lunch, dinner and wine posts .

It is a wine that seeks a balance between Portuguese dessert wines ( port, Madeira , ...) and " creams " Spanish ( sherry, Malaga, ... ) . With a base of white grapes Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel Palomino de Jerez , is off during fermentation with brandy distilled wine , thereby achieving a wine with an alcohol content of 17 ° and a sweet graduation 5th Baume .

Aged for years in oak barrels by the static system before bottling selected by our technical staff (Director and Foreman ) coupages are headed as required filling and always under the supervision of the owner of the mark and signature . This process, unchanged for several decades , has made "OLD OXFORD " a brand with a reputation earned and recognized by all , with more than 50 years old.

Old Oxford White transparent bottle comes in 1 liter and 2 liter jug .

Office Address
C/ Tecnología, Parcela A-14
Parque Empresarial de Jerez
11407 Jerez de la Frontera
Cádiz - España
Tel. 956 333 337
Fax: 956 333 825
Winery Address
Street Huerta Pintada s/n C.P.11402