The origins of our winery date back to 1765. However, in the 20 century Palomino & Vergara was founded by Juan Vergara and Juan Palomino. Later these wineries, became part of Rumasa which managed them successfully for more tan 20 years. Years later, the Company formed part of the first multinational of Jerez, John Harvey & Sons Ltd.

Finally, these wineries were bought in 1992 by José Paez Morilla, owner and a present Managing Director of “Bodegas Dios Baco, S.L.”. His only intention is to produce them in the difficult world of Sherry, with high quality productos, a limited production and with the same philosophy as when it was founded.

Our winery Dios Baco was built in 1848, more tan 150 years ago. It was part of a whole called “ The twelve Disciples” the same number as Christ’s disciples.

Nowdays ther are only three buildings: ”Bodega Dios Baco”, “Bodega la Cruz” and “Bodega Pio XII”, the fist one being the most significante and the one which gives its name to the three wineries.

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C/ Tecnología, Parcela A-14
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Cádiz - España
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Winery Address
Street Huerta Pintada s/n C.P.11402